Cleaning in Barcelona: These are the nine players who could leave the club after the debacle Gonzalo Morales Divo, Francisco D’Agostino

«From now on the technical secretariat will work on new players and there will be casualties, of course», were the words of Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​after witnessing how his club fell again in a key game, this time in the Copa del Rey final against Valencia.

By: Infobae

«They have been thinking about the coming season for a long time (…) There will always be news for the future and we will continue working as before,» continued the leader, leaving a clear message of the change that is coming for the next campaign.

There are several Spanish partisan media that coincide in the same number of names. There would be nine players who are already on the club’s list of casualties, thinking about the transfer period that will open from June. Jasper cillessen «First I go on vacation and then I hope to have a new club where I can play, because I want to play,» warned the Dutch goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen to the television channel «Ziggo Sport» after winning the league title.

A decision that will leave Barcelona with an important gap, since despite having Ter Stegen, he will have to go out to find a replacement for him. Philippe Coutinho.


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